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CPC12000 Deburring Machine

Deburring Machines

The CPC12000 is the most advanced and automated system available. This unit has the largest capacity of any unit. Equipped with United's PLC and touchscreen, it is simple and powerful. Processes can be stored and recalled as needed. Parts as large as 45" can be processed with ease. It contains our automated media and compound fill system as well as United�s advanced media elevator. No heavy lifting required. Generates up to 12Gs.


The CPC12000 is the most advanced deburring machine in the world. It is the largest with a volume of 12 cubic feet that can process the most parts with the shortest process cycles. The CPC12000 is the epitome of a precision automated deburring system. Barrel positioning, lid lifting, barrel filling, parts separation, and parts cleaning are all automated. The CPC12000 is designed to process larger parts (44�L x 12�W) or many smaller parts in the shortest and most cost effective method amongst all other deburring and mass finishing systems. Like the CPC4000, barrels can be compartmentalized (up to 15 compartments per barrel) to process individual parts without the possibility of part-on-part contact. Everything is controlled through the CPC touchscreen for consistency with mandatory two-handed operation for safety. The CPC12000 Automated Deburring System can be customized to meet every need.

Deburring Image The CPC12000 deburring system features a fully enclosed drive system which is configured in United's butterfly design. The barrel drive system is composed of heavy duty chains and sprockets. Power locks ensure there is no slippage or premature wear on sprockets.

Deburring Image The CPC12000 comes with United's most advanced material handling system. Its built-in lid lift system allows an operator to simply attach a locking bar to the lid of a barrel, open it, and allow the system to do the heavy lifting.

Deburring Image The contents of each barrel are dumped on to the separator which separates parts, media, and water. The parts exit the machine through the chute. Automatically rinsed media will be returned to the hopper via an auger-type elevator, and water can be pumped out to one of United's automated recycling systems such as the ARS1500.

Deburring Image United's over-centering cam locks ensures lids are secured to barrels. This system also eliminates the need for any tools.

Deburring Image The use of an injection-molded urethane liners allows the customer to replace barrel liners quickly with minimal down-time. Cradles can be fitted with dividable liners. These liners contain slots for 14 dividers which create up to 15 compartments within each barrel, allowing up to 60 parts to run in isolation.

Deburring Image The CPC (Computerized Process Controller) is capable of storing a large amount of process information such as: types and amounts for the media and compounds, maximum number of parts per barrel, loading instructions or procedures, and cycle time and turret RPM. The operator may choose which process to run (either by part description, part number, or process code) from the preset process screen, then simply select either to review operating procedures or to run the process. Once "Run" has been selected process parameters such as media and water levels, turret RPM and cycle time are automatically loaded into the CPC memory and are activated by the push of a button. The system is loaded and operated to exact and consistent standards every cycle.

Touchscreen Controls
  • User-friendly touchscreen display.
  • Process storage capabilities.
  • Process countdown timer.

  • Two-handed jog operation.
  • Door lock prevents door from being opened while machine is running.
  • Emergency stop button.

Variable Speed
  • Up to 135RPM*
  • Process versatility.
  • Gentle on delicate parts.

Removable Barrels
  • Reload barrels in seconds.
  • Can load extra barrels while others are processing.
  • Easy relining - no need to disassemble machine.

Fully Integrated Motor Controls
  • Easy to operate.
  • Safe - operator has no access to line voltage.
  • Improved motor protection.

Removable Body Panels
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Replaceable panels, no need for bodywork or welding.
  • Easy cleaning.

Stainless Steel Construction
  • Prevents corrosion from moisture.
  • Equipment lasts longer.

Urethane Barrel Linings
  • Greater traction increases energy transferred to the media.
  • Greater process efficiency.
  • Improved heat resistance.

Cam Barrel Locks
  • No tools required to open barrel.
  • Increased operator convenience.
  • Reduced reloading time.

  • Up to 3 years, determined by component type.

Complies with ANSI/NFPA 70 and NFPA 79 Codes UL Approved
  • Nationally accepted safety standards.
  • Trusted safeguards for operators and equipment.
  • Standardized design.

*May require upgrades based on process requirements.

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